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VSP – We are vertical


With years of industry experience, we understand the essentials of enduring market cycles. We leverage our collective strengths and foster influential relationships within the sector.

Given the constant changes in our industry, staying ahead necessitates investment in high-performing teams capable of navigating shifts and capitalising on local market opportunities.

Increasingly, customers seek to harness specialised skills and recruit internationally. By being locally present, we bridge the gap in skills scarcity and provide immediate value.

Our Team


Our teams are committed to solving client problems and building trust, establishing us as the partner of choice with strong references and a proven track record for delivering value.

Embodying a dynamic blend of creativity, dedication, and expertise, our team is united by a common pursuit of excellence. Together, we harness our diverse talents to innovate and set new benchmarks, driving the evolution of our industry. With each member contributing unique perspectives and skills, we collaborate seamlessly to overcome challenges and achieve outstanding outcomes. Our shared passion propels us forward, ensuring continuous growth, success, and a meaningful impact on the world we influence.

Our founding story


Khanyisa Malabi

VSP is a subsidiary of Lumin International Investment holding company,  a family owned business with diverse interests and assets headquartered in South Africa.

Khanyisa Malabi founded the pioneering tech business in 2011, dedicated to bolstering support systems, enhancing efficiencies, and fostering superior customer partnerships for businesses aiming to achieve growth. As a women-led tech business, we innovate and solve challenges with creativity at the forefront.

Khanyisa’s leadership is marked by her dedication to guidance and support, akin to a beacon aiming for the zenith. She values blending feminine virtues with intellectual acumen, prioritising personalised engagement as essential to her approach.

Her journey is that of resilience, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to positive change.

Through her diverse business ventures, she champions social impact and exemplifies the limitless potential of human endeavour in shaping a better world through the Khanyisa Malabi Foundation.

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