What we do We serve as a comprehensive hub of information, expertise, and support.“ Scroll down

VSP – We are vertical


Given the constant changes in our landscape, staying ahead necessitate investment in high performing experts capable of navigating shifts and capitalising on new value and local markets opportunities. We stay ahead by growing relationships to be part of company’s problems and solutions, further investing in advanced systems and skilled  expertise.

“We serve as a comprehensive hub of information, expertise, and support.“


VSP, stands for Vertical Service Provider, we take in the essence of our name: navigating towards the pinnacle of vertical direction.

To be vertical means to be a pillar of support, our customers inform us they are effective and successful in a supportive scenario and they look to up to us to manage the provision of digital solutions without headache to invest in expensive development and infrastructure build, which tends to make the CFO and CMO happy.

The digital ecosystem is changing, our customer is the traditional Communications and IT Operator, we drive innovation in the industry and across vertical industries such as Financial services, Mining, Education Media, acting as the engine behind platform systems fortified with robust security layers, advanced features, and dedicated operational teams that enables the creation of Media and Mobile content development.



Why us


Whether you’re seeking a managed digital solution or content development partnership in emerging markets,  we are your trusted choice.

One of the biggest advantages of partnering with us is our own mobile content development.

We have invested in media technologies, highly talented directors and producers, local artists and crew  to create and curate in-house media and content that meet the demand for high-quality narratives in a fast-evolving world.

Flagship & Voices

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Our flagship content services anchors our strategy spanning wellness, authentic entertainment, lifestyle enhancements, local fashion narratives, and more.

VSP has been provisioning this Service for Telkom Mobile business for 5 years.

Statement from Rockstar Television, CEO for our curated Music Platform, Rockstar TV.  

Trust in us


We are the trusted end to end Innovation and Content Service Delivery Agency or Master aggregator, a partnership for innovation and revenue management on managed service basis. We are designed and organised to manage value chain on behalf of companies,  covering revenue life cycle, growth strategy, operations and finance, while our customer’s focus is on core business.

This global phenomenon is increasingly being served via this formation, because of the minimal overhead and ability to deploy wide range of services from a single ecosystem.

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