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We are vertical


Our vision is of an inclusive society, in which all people can carry a powerful computer in their hands in the form of a mobile phone to make life better. We simplify access to complex network technology innovations across Africa, driving improved livelihoods.

“The power lies within the mobile phone. The fact that every citizen carries a powerful computer in their hand means we can now provide solutions that empower people and restore dignity like never before.”

We are Pioneers


As pioneers in managed service partnerships, we streamline operations and empower businesses to focus on growth, while reducing costs. With years of industry experience we understand the essentials of enduring revenue cycles and increasingly our customers seek to harness the same specialised skills and recruit internationally, we are already here bridging the gap in global skills scarcity.

“In a world driven by horizontal connections, we stand tall like trees deeply rooted in the soil.”

Our infrastructure


Our infrastructure and systems empowers customers to deliver media opportunities to their digital customers, spanning wellness, authentic entertainment, lifestyle enhancements, local fashion narratives, and more, empowering customers to focus on core objectives and fostering innovation within their industries.

Educational Message



This is an educational message to the industry, stressing the importance of verifying subscribed services.

Our platform systems and partners do not enrol users without their knowledge. Embracing the power of digital innovation, addressing its ethical implications and ensuring inclusivity is paramount. We must mitigate risks such as privacy breaches, digital divides, and algorithmic biases to forge a more equitable and sustainable future.

Our strategies include robust security measures and collaborations with mobile and IT providers. We also work closely with independent bodies like the Wireless Application Services Provider (WASPA) to maintain industry integrity. We encourage our providers to educate their customers on safe practices.

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